Shroombabs LP Splendid! OUT NOW!

Shroombab has released her debut album Splendid! on December 7th, 2010. You can grab it online at iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Spotify, Juno Downloads, Chemical Records, Digital Tunes or you can buy the CD via Substance, Dynamics, Media Market & Saturn. Check out what it sounds like here!

SHROOMBAB, Splendid!
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01. Intro
02. Plane Funk (M-Force Remix)
03. Plane Funk
04. Hidden Faces (Polarity’s Knarz Remix)
05. Invasion
06. Para Voce (Dementia Remix)
07. Outlier (Isee Remix)
08. Outlier
09. Ravin’ (Alkor Remix)
10. Ravin’
11. Overproof (feat. Pharmacarma)
12. Don’t Push Me
13. Outro

Barbara Wimmer has been addicted to music since childhood. She collected vinyl and played bass guitar until she got infected by electronic music, especially Drum’n’Bass. In 1998, when her entourage came up with the nick “Shroombab”, she started to spin records. Vibrating sub basses and broken beats led her to sequencing and sampling, and soon she began to produce her first electronic tunes. Releases on 13 different labels in Germany, UK, Romania and the USA followed. But it took until 2010 for Shroombab to get her debut album ready.

With Splendid! Austria’s drum&bass queen releases her first album on High Tension Recordings, a musical melting pot that also shows her influences besides Drum’n’Bass. She plays a light-theremin on the intro, with which sounds are created without even touching the instrument - just by light. On the tracks “Don’t Push Me” and “Overproof”, produced with Pharmacarma, we´ll hear some funky riffs, whereas on “Outlier”, “Invasion” and “Para Voce” her heart beats for technoid and dark vibes with straight beats. Techstep and neurofunk are Shroombab’s favorite sub-genres of Drum’n’Bass, clearly evident by how she picked a fine selection of remixers: Polarity, Dementia, Isee, M-Force and Alkor answered the call of duty.

Splendid! is out on December 7th, 2010 on CD and in digital stores, distributed by Accompong and Trost/Substance. The album will be digitally available at iTunes, Amazon,, Nokia Music, Juno Download, Chemical and Digital Tunes. The CD will be available at selected Media Markt stores in Austria, through Substance Mailorder (also internationally) and at the record stores Substance and Dynamics in Vienna.

Artist: Shroombab
Title: Splendid!
Genres: Drum&Bass/Dubstep
Release Date: 7.12.2010 (all stores), 22.11.2010 (Juno Download)
Release Format: CD / digital
Distribution partners: Accompong Records for digital distribution and Substance Mailorder for CD distribution

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Shroombab - Splendid!

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