Outlier (Original + Isee Remix)

Outlier (HTD004): Shroombab - "Outlier" (Original) + (Isee Remix). Release date: November 16th, 2010

Outlier Cover
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SPLENDID! 1st single by Shroombab

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The streets are busy, it’s market day. But you are walking down between all the screaming marketers, “Outlier” by Shroombab yelling out of your headphones. A deep melody leads you to hard hitting drums and a digeridoo sounding wobble bassline. You drift away and start dreaming, when suddenly the same, weird marketers from outside come back, hitting you much harder and faster than before. Isee’s Remix of “Outlier” delivers a heavy reese bassline, which is definitely waking you up once again from your dreams and let’s you bang with your head & body and dance on the streets... “Outlier” is just the first prank, the single of Shroombab’s debut album Splendid!, coming in December 2010. You better watch out for more!

MUSIC VIDEO of Shroombab - Outlier (Isee Remix):

High Tension Digital 004 (HTD004)
Genres: Dubstep/Drum'n'Bass
A: Shroombab - Outlier (Original)
B: Shroombab - Outlier (Isee Remix)

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