All releases that can be found on this beautiful label so far:

Growing EP with remixes by Hoob & Protune

catalog: HTD007 / format: mp3 / After Shroombab's album Splendid! High Tension Digital brings another drum&bass and drumstep highlight to you. Make sure to check this one out, it's nasty! read more

Tension (Original & Silentwolf Remix)

catalog: HTD006 / format: mp3 / After Shroombab's album Splendid! High Tension Digital brings another dubstep highlight to you. “Tension” by Shroombab contains tension, wobble, strong beats, a weird breakdown and a different flavour. Also prepare yourself for a spooky, unique remix by Vienna's artist Silentwolf. read more


catalog: HTD005 / format: cd / Splendid! (HTD005): Shroombab's debut album with 13 tracks has officially been released on December 7th, 2010. Check out how it sounds like and where you can grab it! read more

Outlier (Original + Isee Remix)

catalog: HTD004 / format: mp3 / Outlier (HTD004): Shroombab - "Outlier" (Original) + (Isee Remix). Release date: November 16th, 2010 read more

The Base (Original + Remixes)

catalog: HTD003 / format: mp3 / The Red Series (HTD 003): Shroombab - "The Base" (Original) + (Bazuco Remix) + (Ravissa's Mosquito Remix). Release date: October 28th, 2009 read more

Monster Dub / Hidden Faces

catalog: HTD002 / format: mp3 / The Blue Series (HTD 002): Shroombab - "Monster Dub" + "Hidden Faces" (Polarity Epos Rmx) + "Hidden Faces" (PsychoFX Rmx). Release date: September 7th, 2009 read more

Swanky / High Enough

catalog: HTD001 / format: mp3 / The Green Series (HTD 001): Shroombab - "Swanky" + "High Enough" + "Swanky" (SciFiSol Dub). Release date: April 28th, 2009. read more


catalog: HTD000 / format: mp3 / Shroombab's "Movement" was released as FREE MP3 in early 2008. read more

Rolling Thunder / Stronghold

catalog: HT001 / format: vinyl / Polarity & Shroombab's "Stronghold"/"Rolling Thunder" was released in May/June 2002. read more

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