Swanky / High Enough

The Green Series (HTD 001): Shroombab - "Swanky" + "High Enough" + "Swanky" (SciFiSol Dub). Release date: April 28th, 2009.

High Tension Digital 001 (HTD001)
The Green Series: Dubstep

A: Shroombab - Swanky
B: Shroombab - Swanky (SciFiSol Dub)
C: Shroombab - High Enough

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High Tension Digital brings a new remix series to you: The first covered genre is Dubstep. "Swanky" by Shroombab, a female producer from Austria, delivers huge dark basslines, straight-forward drum arrangements and a peaceful message. Not enough "Swanky" got remixed by the US-girl SciFiSol, who easily switches genre boarders and fills the tune with complex beats and a beautiful atmosphere. "High Enough" by Shroombab is the bonus track. The secret of it lies in the details: Lots of vocal fx's build up a dark, wasted atmosphere. A shiver will run down your shoulders when you hear it! All in all, this is just the first prank - more to follow soon!

OUT SINCE: 28.4.2009

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